Our products & SERVICES

We provide several services that will help you with your gardening Process

Plants & Seeds

We have wide varity of live plants and seeds available at our center. Wide selection help you achieve the goal for your garden.

Pots & Planters

We have pots and planters in all shapes and sizes.

Soil / Fertilizers

We sell all kind general and specilized soil and fertilizers.

Garden tools

From begnniers to expert; we have vide variety of gardning tools and equipments to help you achieve your goal.


We sell bonsai ready made bonsai plants. If you are hotel or commercial entity or an individual looking for bonsai plants look no more. Visit our center and visulize the best bonsai. .


We provide custom landscaping, bonsai preperation, commercial and personal garden maintainance services.


Read about features that distinct us from others and why you should choose us.

Wide Variety

We have wide variety of plants and equipments for every occation and every need.

Prompt Service

Time is money and we believe in same. Our services are prompt and on time.

Quality Work

We never compromise on work quality. This trait distinct us from our competitors..

Trusted Work

We have years of experince in catering for both very large commercial to small scale personal projects. Hence you can rest assured that you are in a good company.

Expert Gardener

We have team of experienced gardners which ensure great service. .

Low Effective Cost

Prices we offer are very competative. for same quality of work you always get the best price.

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